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      郭芷豪2019-08-05 15:59:13





      My Dream我的夢想

      I am studying in a middle school now, it is my second year. If you ask me what my occupation is, I will answer you that my occupation is student. I have studied for many years, many students don’t like being a student, but I am not of them, I enjoy being a student. For me, I don’t have to worry about the money issue, I can go to play with my friends, the most important thing is, I like reading all kinds of books. I especially like to read the books about travel. I have a dream, when I earn enough money, I must travel around the world. So I must work hard to realize my dream.



      I have a wonderful dream in my heart。 It's to speak English very well。 Since English is everything for me。 English is my best friend。 English is my soul。 English is my power。 Without English, I'm nothing at all。 Nothing。 Now, I can think in English, speak in English, and write in English。 Some people think I'm an Indian。 Some people regard I'm a Pakistan。 And some people even consider that I'm an Egyptian。 But if I could speak English as good as an American, my future would be brilliant。 So I work very hard。



      我夢想的職業 My Dreaming Career

      In the past two years, my parents took me to travel to many places, including big cities, small towns, famous mountians and so on。 Therefore, I like traveling and I hope I can visit to many more places。 Since then, I hope I can be a tour guide in the future, so I can travel to many tourist attractions。 Besides, I can meet various people and I think municating with different people is interesting, wchich can broaden my field of vision。 I hope they can share their life stories with me so that I can know the general life of a place。 I know it would be a challenging job, but I believe I can do well in my job。



      Nowadays, it is commonly/ widely/ generally believed/ thought/ held that..., but I wonder/ doubt that...


      例句:Nowadays, it is generally believed that living in a big city is convenient, but I doubt that living in a small country is more comfortable.


      With the rapid growth of..., ...have/has become increasingly important in our daily life.


      例如:With the rapid growth of hi-tech skills, cellphone has become increasingly important in our daily life.


      Recently the issue/ problem of...has been brought into focus/ brought to public attention/ in the limelight/ posed among the public.


      例句:Recently the issue of studying abroad has been brought into focus.