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      郭芷豪2019-08-05 13:56:54





      Hello, everyone! My name is qiuyulu.com. I am x years old. I am from China.I can speak Chinese and a little English. My favorite subject is English, because I think it is very interesting. I like going to the movies, playing sports and reading books. I like summer best, because it is very relaxing and we have a long hollday. I love my life. I think I am a happy girl. Do you want to make friends with me?


      Hi!I am a happy and quiet girl.I am from Chin.I am twelve years old,I am a pupil,I am in Class Three Gread Four.I many good friends.I like many pet,the peacock panda rabbit and bird,they are lovely.I am tall ,I have around face,these are big eyes small mouth small nose on my face.I have a black long hair.I like eatting apple banana eggpiant chicken and...I like music sing run pinting...I often saying: book is my good frieng,I like it!Whate am I?Yes,my name is Lv Enhui.

      Do you like me?


      My name is Guo Kaixuan.I am graduated from Zhongxin primory school in Shenzhen.There are four people in my family. My father is a businessman,and my mother helps him with his work. I am the youngest one in my family.

      In my spare time, I like reading .I think reading could enlarge(拓寬) my knowledge(知識面)and it is also very interesting. I also like to see English films,because they are exciting and funny.Besides(除此之外),I can practise my English through(通過) them.When I feel boring(無聊),I will play badminton with my friends.I like eating fruits and I believe (相信)they can keep me healthy.In the future, I want to be a businessman like my father,because my father is great and smart in my mind(在我看來).I will study hard to make(讓) my dream come true(成真).

      That’s all ,thank you for listening!